RuralBrand Overview

RuralBrandTM RuralBrand engage with blue chip corporate rural, NGO's and regional Australia. We develop and execute insightful strategic and communication plans across digital and conventional media platforms with cut through creativity.

Our key people have over 20 years experience in agricultural brand marketing and offer insight gathered from careers spanning agriculture, marketing and rural communications. These insights are drawn from working lives in grain growing, agronomy, rural sales and marketing, money markets and developing and implementing rural brands.

As a client, you will be working with our key professionals so expect to be challenged as we expect to be. Our simple 3-step branding process: ruminate, illuminate, advocateā„¢ links brand strategy, creativity and implementation, providing a procedural framework so your brands growth is fully planned. This proprietary construct developed by RuralBrand, is designed to support the most virulent rural communication channel, that is, word of mouth. Success for us is when farmers, agronomists and resellers speak of and recommend your brand, what we call advocacy.

RuralBrandTM is a registered business, trading name and pending trademark of TenMen Strategic Marketing P/L.

Our latest Videography work

UNAA awards nite

RuralBrand client project, brought to life by scripting and producing an 8-minute technical and educational video receives United Nations World Enviroment Day special commendation, June 8, 2012.


In paddock filming a 30 sec TVC using a Sony HD 1080 camera attached to a 4 metre jib arm with remote controlled camera head.

Rowan COOLweb

Internationally collaborated video project scripted, directed and produced by RuralBrand and BASF Plastics Business Director, Rowan Williams.

COOLillus _web

28 layered .psd image file used to motion illustrate technical concepts in Final Cut for the BASF Plastics COOL project video. RuralBrand produced the video end-to-end including script, storyboard, voice-over talent, graphics and editing. 


RuralBrand self promotion business card for Rural Business magazine. All photography, photo-etching and image construction in house.

Survey Snap

RuralBrand design and execute surveys and questionnaires on behalf of our clients. We utilize specialist web-based software, cloud computing and implement on-line, conventional and unique contact strategies.


TENMEN Strategic Marketing P/L . How we started and the name behind RuralBrand


Simplicity is vital - with the rural brand space so crowded we have seconds to engage with customers.

BrandComm campaigns should engage the end user with simple messaging/benefits with the product brand as the focal point.

The brands personality traits, values and brand story connect the target audience emotionally, whilst the brands value proposition and promise connect rationally.

The pinnacle of all brand communication, what all brandcomm aims to support, the most potent form is consumer advocacy - 'word of mouth'.

Time is more scarce that ever, no one has it, not you, not the customer. Messaging needs to be clear and persuasive at a glance - Yeah, I get it!

Rural brands are increasingly defined by their audience participation and the ensuing conversation. A new advocacy is emerging, its 'word of mouth' for the digital age.


One of a 35-frame Greenbush barrel run in the Mentawaii's. Captured using RuralBrand's 100-400mm canon lens. Photography Jim Lawson, Surfer Peter Shaw.