Great photography expresses a brand's relevance and authenticity, capable of telling a brand story at a glance.

It is so crucial as a deliverable, we do it ourselves. All the imagery you see on this site was photographed by ourselves. We don't rely on overused photo libraries and we have no need for fake looking photoshop image construction as a result of having little to work with, common with several rural ad agencies.

We've invested heavily in photographic equipment, specialised lens, lighting, polarizers and cameras that will illuminate a red-legged earth mite or show facial eczema on a merino 200 metres away.

There are two ingredients for great photography. One is the ability to drive the equipment technically. The second, is actually being there, knowing, in the moment at the right time and place. We've proven we do both well.

We have developed our own proprietary rural image library currently running to 100 Gig. Chances are, we already have ready-to-go imagery applicable to your rural brand. If we don't, we likely know where, how and when to get it.

Ironically, we are often engaged by rural NGO's, agricultural industry and sometimes Ad agencies on contract photo deployments. If you require killer imagery, please call us.


Saw this girl whilst on Surfari in 2006, so when I saw her again six years later, I almost had kittens. She came in really close dualing with her partner for a chicken carcass that the crew had tossed overboard. Difficult shot using super high shutter speed, bull-eye focal point  and our 400 tele.


This shot was taken in a lucerne paddock near Harden NSW using manual camera settings and a 10-22 mm lens with a flash. Check out mother ewe in the background on point!


This shot was the inevitable fluke after shooting 400 hungry cows devour a fresh paddock of ryegrass from dawn to late morning. We ended up using this shot as the masthead for a client campaign.


Sea Eagle comes in for a kill, shot with our Canon 100-400 tele with motordrive whilst on Surfari in the Telo island group, northern Sumatra. April 2012.


Contract shoot for the Silawrap people and Landmark on a farm at Wonthaggi, SW Gippsland.


Client field day shoot with the million dollar lens and manual settings.


Can you believe these guys dualling? You can see the food having been let go under the brown eagles right talon and also right of screen. Talk about Rumble in the Jungle. Off the coast of the Telo islands, north Sumatra.


Silage making on a dairy farm in west Gippsland by contractors.


Technically not the best shot but at least photoshop can fix that. No time for setting adjustment here when your on manual, more importantly is being there, in the moment waiting for your prey!

IMG_2041_RB Web

She knows she's being shot, looking straight down the gun barrel!


Acclaimed young dairyfarmer Michael Armstrong with his dairy cows in west Gipplsland.

IMG_1225_NPweb 383w

Here we dug a bolt hole in the rape crop and waited for 700 ravenousous cows to charge down the lane after dairying. ironically, we know these cows all too well!


Truly a God moment!


Up close and personal

IMG_2000adj _RBweb

Equatorial sunset shot through an island peninsula as the sun decends over the Indian ocean. Look closer and you can see the sun above the horizon hiding in the trees. The intense part is the low angle reflection off the ocean.


Equatorial sunset over the Indian.


Early morning shoot. Ever heard 700 cows attack chomping a fresh ryegrass paddock?



Canola in full bloom in October with Mt Buller in the background with full snow cover!


The most impressive thing with this shot is that it was taken early spring, freezing and wet at day break.


Got the lighting just about right


Good composition with this shot, ideal for reversing text out or as a double page spread.


Taken with the super wide lens, low F-stop for foreground and background in focus


Sea Eagle coming in for a fish kill in Black and White

Pete Shaw Yorke Pen

Yorke Peninsula, SA


Contract shoot for Boylan transport


Milk company contractor who requested a mantle piece shot for his retirement


Flock of Merino-crossbreds at Mansfield, Vic


Sumatran tuna boats in port under contract to a Japanese wholesaler.

IMG_5040bells Web

Epic Bells Beach. Eleven degrees water temperature, a 35 knot north-wester and less than a dozen hellriders. Shot with the tele whilst shivering after having just come in.