Rural databases


RuralBrand has access to several farmer database lists. These lists can be mined by postcode, State, and farm enterprise. Data available includes the farmers trading name, property name and address with telephone numbers plus some email addresses.

The lists have over 100,000 farmer records compiled over many years from numerous sources including the electoral roll, White and Yellow Pages, market research, organisation membership lists, rural publications, etc. The majority of names are categorised by farm enterprise.

Records are updated regularly from a variety of sources. In addition, there is an incentive to return undelivered mail for database accuracy. Nonetheless, with such a large list and a changing industry, accuracy varies from area to area and time to time.

Direct Mail

We are able to offer direct mail campaigns using the services of  specialist mailhouses.  Marketing collatoral can be direct mailed to the farmer targeting a particular farm enterprise or geograhic region. Delivered collatoral can include a printed fly sheet and can be plastic wrapped with a range of options.

This strategy lends itself to a more elaborate print option. Despite having a Auspost component, it can be highly targeted and cost effective. Discuss with us your options for delivering marketing collatoral to the farm kitchen table.

EXT_Storyboard P1_RBwebresized

Above is a cut from a storyboard for a TVC that RuralBrand produced. RuralBrand project managed the whole gig, including AV production, directing and writing the voice-over script. We also put it to air.

WS_Dairy RESEACHSym 190511_ADV1

Print advert accompaning a TVC campaign. The rootball image was produced by digging up a space plant, washing out the roots, then suspending the plant mid-air with fishing line. It was then photographed against a white sheet so we could etch out the detail.

Winterfeed FC_RBweb _CAR

Client brochure. The focus here is authenticity and relevance. This RuralBrand image was captured using a 10mm lens and flash.

Zolo Label Web3

RuralBrand have specialist expertise in designing Ag-Chem labels compliant to the APVMA guidelines.


Front cover and masthead of the Australian DairyFarmer Magazine. RuralBrand produced  advert. Wonderful photo shoot capturing Freisans and Jerseys in frame along with the money shot of the dairyfarmer with a ryegrass plant. Specialised wide lens used.

BASF_Ecoflex _title

Technical AV video project. RuralBrand constructed assets creating the first frame to introduce the project.


Filming a bio-degradable plastics project at a landfill site in regional NSW for BASF plastics division. Peter Frank, moving picture guru (left) and RuralBrand producer/director, Peter Shaw (right).

Spitfire broch FC

Front cover of a technically focused product brochure dropped out in the Land in early Autumn 2012.

Pac broch 2013







SYGHorsham 382w