RuralBrand client video project receives UNAA award

BASF, The Chemical Company has received a special commendation from the United Nation's World Environment Day Awards. The awards were held June 8th, 2012 at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. The evening opened with a televised address by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, where he outlined the challenges facing world population growth including sustainable production and environmental responsibility.

BASF received the special commendation award for the 'Cooperation for Organics Out of Landfill', coined 'the COOL project'. The project is bought to life in an 8-minute video documentary that illustrates the role of certified compostable biodegradable and  organic plastic waste bags for the hygienic collection, transport and disposal of organic food waste to composting sites, including local farms. Collaborators in the project include Zero Waste Australia, Woolworths, the Murrumbidgee Shire Council, Compost Australia and Leeton grain grower and composter, Paul Moon.

These certified compostable and biodegradable waste bags can be composted together with organic food waste, thereby diverting the waste from landfill, to composters, saving on greenhouse gas emissions, particularly methane. Together, the organic waste and the bags biodegrade to humus compost valued for soil remediation.

The COOL project is the brainchild of Rowan Williams, BASF Plastics Business Director, Australia and NZ. The project was filmed and produced over a 12-week interval by rural communication brand house, RuralBrand.

"Our aim was to tell the bioplastics story, illustrate the science and deliver the messaging for change and environmental responsibility," says RuralBrand's producer Peter Shaw.

The project was scripted to target all levels of government, waste management authorities and organisations generating organic food waste, says Peter.

Other uses for biodegradable and compostable plastics are for plastic mulch films used in horticulture production. These mulch films at their end-of-life are simply ploughed into the soil leaving nothing behind in the way of residues.

The COOL project video can be viewed at or by searching on YouTube.

UNAA awards nite

RuralBrand client project, brought to life by scripting and producing an 8-minute technical and educational video receives United Nations World Enviroment Day special commendation, June 8, 2012.


In paddock filming a 30 sec TVC using a Sony HD 1080 camera attached to a 4 metre jib arm with remote controlled camera head.

Rowan COOLweb

Internationally collaborated video project scripted, directed and produced by RuralBrand and BASF Plastics Business Director, Rowan Williams.

COOLillus _web

28 layered .psd image file used to motion illustrate technical concepts in Final Cut for the BASF Plastics COOL project video. RuralBrand produced the video end-to-end including script, storyboard, voice-over talent, graphics and editing. 


RuralBrand self promotion business card for Rural Business magazine. All photography, photo-etching and image construction in house.

Survey Snap

RuralBrand design and execute surveys and questionnaires on behalf of our clients. We utilize specialist web-based software, cloud computing and implement on-line, conventional and unique contact strategies.


TENMEN Strategic Marketing P/L . How we started and the name behind RuralBrand


Simplicity is vital - with the rural brand space so crowded we have seconds to engage with customers.

BrandComm campaigns should engage the end user with simple messaging/benefits with the product brand as the focal point.

The brands personality traits, values and brand story connect the target audience emotionally, whilst the brands value proposition and promise connect rationally.

The pinnacle of all brand communication, what all brandcomm aims to support, the most potent form is consumer advocacy - 'word of mouth'.

Time is more scarce that ever, no one has it, not you, not the customer. Messaging needs to be clear and persuasive at a glance - Yeah, I get it!

Rural brands are increasingly defined by their audience participation and the ensuing conversation. A new advocacy is emerging, its 'word of mouth' for the digital age.


One of a 35-frame Greenbush barrel run in the Mentawaii's. Captured using RuralBrand's 100-400mm canon lens. Photography Jim Lawson, Surfer Peter Shaw.